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This Sunday we have an excerpt from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God) about the meaning of the Sloka written by Avvaiyar.

When we start to learn, we start with the slokas written by Avvaiyar. But who is Avvaiyar? She is a great devotee of Lord Vinayaka about whom we already saw in the first blog. Avvaiyar teaches us that, even for getting good communication skills, we must catch hold the feet of Lord Vinayaka. This Sunday we will be seeing about one of the Slokas she has composed.

வாக்குண்டாம், நல்ல மனம் உண்டாம், மாமலராள்

நோக்குண்டாம், மேனி நுடங்காது பூக்கொண்டு

துப்பார் திருமேனி தும்பிக்கை யான்பாதம்

தப்பாமல் சார்வார் தமக்கு.

Vaakundaam, Nalla Manam Undam, Maamalaraal

Nokkundaam, Meni Nudangaathu Pookondu

Thuppaar Thirumeni Thumbikkaiyaan Paadam

Thappaamal Saarvaar Thamakku

In the above verse, she says Lord Vinayaka will bless us with good communication and speaking skills. But is only speech enough? Having a mind with good thoughts and speaking out good words only will give us Punniyam. She then says good speech, good thoughts along with Lakshmi's grace will come to only those, who offer a flower at Lord Vinayaka's feet. In the line, she says Meni Nudangaathu(மேனி நுடங்காது), which means, without much difficulty and inconvenience. Without much difficulty, take a flower and drop exactly at the feet of Lord Vinayaka's feet. Those who do this will get all the benefits as mentioned above(Speech, Great Mind, Wealth).

As Avvaiyar says, let us receive the blessings of Lord Vinayaka by offering a flower, whole heartedly exactly at the feet of the Lord everyday.


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