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Thiru Aanaikka

Goddess Parvati present in Jambukeshwarar Temple, Thiru Aanaikka ( திரு ஆனைக்கா ), is known as Akilandeswari, Once, she was disgruntled on seeing the paths of people in the Kali Yuga and took a very angry & terrible form. Adi Shankara was going by that way. To make her calm, he consecrated a very large Vinayaka just opposite to the goddess.

Goddess Parvati, on seeing her affectionate child, became calm and came to her normal form. To make her remain calm forever, Adi Shankara contained her anger into 2 Sri Chakras. He placed the 2 Chakras in her ear as earrings.

Both the town name and temple name are related to Lord Vinayaka. In the name 'Jambukeshwarar', 'Jambu' in Sanskrit means 'Jamun Fruit'(நாவல் பழம்). Lord Vinayaka loves this Jamun Fruit very much. The Sloka 'Gajananam Bhootaganthi Sevitham' suggests this. It says 'Kapitha JambuPala Saara Pakshitham(கபித்த ஜம்பூபல ஸார பக்ஷிதம்)'. In the name Thiruaanaikka, the word 'Aanai'(meaning Elephant) makes us remember him.

We can conclude from this that Lord Vinayaka has the power to control the anger of Goddess Parasakthi. His presence in front of her made her calm.



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