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Sambandhar & Lord Vinayaka

This Sunday we have a story about Gnana Sambandhar and Lord Vinayaka who shows the path for Gnana Sambandhar.

Gnana Sambandha is the incarnation of Lord Muruga. We may know the village Therazhundur. It was the birth place of the great Tamil poet, Kambar. There, Pillaiyar is with the name Gnana Sambandha Vinayakar. This place was also one of the 108 Divyadesams. Perumal here is with the name Aamaruviyappan who is also called Kosakar.

When Gnana Sambandhar came to this village, he saw 2 Gopurams. He didn't know which was Lord Shiva's temple and which temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. He only goes to Lord Shiva's temples. We call it Ananya Bhakti. So, on seeing 2 temples, he got confused. There appeared the obstacle destroyer. He showed Gnana Sambandhar the temple.

He then composed a Padigam and mentions that Lord Vinayaka was the one who showed him the way. He prayed Lord Shiva that the the Pillaiyar be named after him to make the world remember this incident. He also got a boon that Arudra Darshan during Thiruvathirai star should happen in Gnana Sambandha Pillaiyar's shrine. Till today, Arudra Darshan is happening at Vinayaka's shrine.


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