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Correlation between many Sthala Puranas- Part 2

This Sunday we are continuing the blog seen last week. We had seen till the restoration of the form of Goddess Parvati.

Nearer to the place they were staying, was a place called Kutralam(not the place near Tirunelveli. This place is near Mayavaram). Here, a sage meditated upon the Lord and asked the boon that Goddess Parvati should be born as his daughter. Lord Shiva wanted to utilize this chance and fulfill the sage's wish. So, he instructed Goddess Parvati to be born as a daughter to the sage and after that he would marry the Goddess. She also did as instructed.

Many years passed. The day for the marriage between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati came. Before marriage, a ritual called 'Vratam' which was to be done with a Homam was done in a place. We now call this place as 'Velvi Kudi(வேள்விக் குடி), Velvi means Homam in Tamil.

In present-day Thirumanancheri(திருமணஞ்சேரி), the marriage was believed to have happened. Thirumanam (திருமணம்) in Tamil means marriage. From this story, we learn many Dharmas- No arrogance, No Gambling, Should keep up the promise given to husband, and affection between siblings.


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