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The Spread of our Sanathana Dharma

Our Hindu Religion, as we call now, had no name in the ancient days because there was only 1 Dharma throughout the globe. That's why in our ancient epics, we don't have a name given for our Religion. This week we have some interesting researches to prove that our religion was followed throughout the world.

Approximately, 1300 before the birth of Jesus Christ, an agreement between 2 Egyptian kings has been found. The witness for the agreement was mentioned as Mitra Varuna who are Devas mentioned in our Vedas. So, we come to know they had their witness as Devas, Mitra & Varuna.

In Madagascar, we come to know that the 75% of cities have been named with relation to Sanskrit. There is a relationship between the king 'Ramesses'(ராமேஸஸ்) and our king Rama.

In Mexico, during our Navaratri time, they celebrate a festival called Rama Sita. In this country, wherever we dig, we get a Pillaiyar idol. Before the governance of Spain in Mexico, there was a tribal community called Aztecs. We come to know that this name has changed from the word 'Astika'(ஆஸ்திகம்).

In Peru, a community called 'Inkas' perform special Pooja for Lord Surya in his temple during Indian Vishu Festival time.

In Australia, a tribal community, dance without any dress in their bodies. This dance was called Siva Dance. When we closely look at their foreheads, we can see a third eye drawn.

Sri Maha Periyava says one more very special and strange thing. Lord Rama's ancestor, King Sagara performed an Ashvameda Yagna. Indra- the king of Devas, stole the horse of King Sagara. King Sagara sent his 60000 sons to search for it. They searched it everywhere around the globe but couldn't find. Meanwhile, Indra had kept it in Underworld or the Patala Loka. The children of King Sagara also after searching all around the Earth, dug the Earth and went to Patala Loka where they found the horse at Sage Kapila's Ashrama. They accused Sage Kapila for stealing the horse by whom the 60000 children of King Sagara were burnt to ashes. The story continues and at last it ends with King Bhagiratha bringing Goddess Ganga to Earth and purifying the 60000 ancestors of him. Now comes the special discovery by Sri Periyava. If we keep on digging the Earth, we reach California. Periyava says maybe present-day California was Kapilaranya those days and which got changed, just as we got the name 'Madurai' to the city which was called Marudai in ancient period. Today, near California, we have a place called 'Ash Island'. Periyava says that this maybe the place where the 60000 sons were burnt to ashes. We also have a place near California named 'Horse Island'.

So, we come to know that we just had 1 Religion those days which was followed all around the world.



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