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Sri Krishna Janmashtami

This Sunday we have a excerpt from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God) about Lord Krishna on account of Janmashtami on Monday

Krishna was born in the month of Avani on Krishna Paksha Ashtami at midnight. 1 year for us is 1 day for Devas. Uttaraayanam is morning for them and Dakshinaayanam is night for them. So, the time Lord Krishna was born was night in the Earth as well as in the heaven. Similarly, 1 month for us is 1 day for the Pitrus(Ancestors). Sukla Paksha is morning while Krishna Paksha is night for them. So birth time of Krishna is night for Pitrus too. Since Ashtami is in the middle of Paksha, it is also midnight for the Pitrus. Hence, the time he was born was night for Devas, Pitrus and the humans. So, at the time of birth of Krishna, it was dark everywhere. His name is also 'Krishna' meaning 'Black' and he was also of dark complexion.

Even though he was born when it was dark, he is a light of knowledge and wisdom. His Bhagavad Gita still reverberates all over the world. Srimad Bhagavatha Purana, which tells the divine games of the Lord, is still considered supreme of all Puranas. The eye gives light to the body while knowledge gives light to our soul. Lord Krishna is the one who gives the light of knowledge for all living beings. Lord Krishna, in just one Avatara, has played many different roles . A very naughty child, cowherd, flautist , wrestler (when he defeated Chaanura, Mushtika), Bull Tamer (when he tamed 7 bulls to marry Sathya, the daughter of King Nagnajit). He was also a diplomatic expert, a messenger, a charioteer, protected people like Draupadi from great difficulties when called. He also protected people like Kusela(Sudama) who was in great poverty. He is the one who gave salvation to Bhishma. Not only to Bhishma, but also to the hunter who killed Krishna himself.

It would be exactly 180 days between Shivarathri and Krishna Ashtami. During Shivarathri, Light of Knowledge appeared in the form of Linga and the same light of knowledge appeared as Krishna during Krishna Ashtami.



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