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Nambi Aandar Nambi

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God). Let us now go to

the story.

In a village named Thirunaraiyur(திருநாரையூர்) near Chidambaram, lived a small boy named Nambi Aandar Nambi(நம்பியாண்டார் நம்பி). He had got the Darshan of Lord Vinayaka. Let us see how.

Once, when his father went out of town, he had to perform the Pooja of Lord Vinayaka. The Lord there was called Polla Pillaiyar(பொல்லாப் பிள்ளையார்). He had finished all the rituals and at last came the time for offering(நைவேத்யம்). He had thought that the Lord himself would accept the offering and eat it himself.

When he noticed that the Lord has not come to eat, he started crying. "Would you just accept my father's offering and not mine? What sin did I do?". He started hitting is head against the walls. The Lord had no other way than accepting the offering. So, he appeared before the boy and ate everything.

Nambi Aandar Nambi(நம்பியாண்டார் நம்பி) started crying again in front of the Lord as it was already late for his school. So, the Lord himself taught Atma Vidya.

From this story, we understand that if we have a strong faith towards god, we will be able to see him. The Lord may test us for a few times but if we pass the test, there is no way for him other than appearing before us.

Also, Nambi Aandar Nambi(நம்பியாண்டார் நம்பி) was instrumental in bringing back the works of Saiva Kuravar(சைவ குரவர்)and classified them as Thirumurai(திருமுறை). We will see this in our next blog.



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