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Guru Parampara

This Sunday we have an excerpt from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God). Let us go for it right now.

If we say Advaita Acharya, immediately we remember Sri Shankara Bhagavath Padal. He came as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and spread the philosophy of Advaita. But we can't say said that he was the founder of Advaita. The reference to Advaita is found in the Vedas which existed even before the creation of the universe. Advaita can also be found in Upanishads also called as Veda Shiras(வேத சிரஸ்). Lord Krishna also tells this in the Bhagavad Gita. All the Gods, at the end say about this Advaita.

In Advaita Sampradayam(அத்வைத சம்பிரதாயம்), Lord Dakshinamurthy, Lord Dattatreya, Lord Narayana, Lord Brahma come in the order of Gurus. After these gods, in the order of Guru comes Rishis like Vasishta, Shakti, Parasharar, Vyasa who got the knowledge of Advaita from their fathers.

Rishis are greater than the Humans. They can do what humans can't do, they can hear what humans can't hear, they can see what humans can't see. They discovered the Vedas which is the breath of the Ultimate God.

The son of Vyasa was Suka. He was greater than all the Humans, Rishis and Devas. He is called SukaBrahmam(சுகப்பிரம்மம்). Suka who was called Brahmam, is a Brahmachari. He didn't marry. As he didn't marry, the order of Acharyas didn't continue by father to son.

In the order of Acharya, after Suka, comes Sanyasi Goudapada, and after him his disciple Govinda Bhagavath Padal. All the Rishis are not Sanyasis. Rishis marry but Sanyasis don't. Arundathi is the wife of Rishi Vasishta, Anusuya is the wife of Rishi Atri. For the rishis, there is Yagnopaveetham(யக்ஞோபவீதம்), also called Poonal. But for Sanyasis there is no Yagnopaveetham.

After Govinda Bhagavath Padal comes Sri Shankara Bhagavad Padal. In the order of Acharyas, Sukar and Later Acharyas are called Parivrajakas(பரிவ்ராஜகர்கள்).

Narayanam Padmabhuvam Vasishtam

Shaktim Cha Tatputra Parasharam Cha

Vyasam Shukam Goudapadam Mahantam

Govinda Yogindra Mathasya Shishyam

நாராயணம், பத்மபுவம், வஸிஷ்டம் சக்திம் ச தத்புத்ர பராசரம் ச |

வ்யாஸம் சுகம் கௌடபதம் மஹாந்தம் கோவிந்த யோகீந்த்ரம் அதாஸ்ய சிஷ்யம் ||

In the Slokas,we can see the order of Acharyas and at the end it says that I prostrate at their feet. This Sampradaya is called BrahmaVidya Sampradaya. In this, first is Narayana and next is Padmabhuva(Brahma). After Brahma, comes Vasishta, Shakti, Parasharar, Vyasa, Suka, Goudapada, GovindaPada.

Sri Shankaracharyam Athasya Padmapadam cha Hastamalakam Cha Sishyam

Tam Totakam Vartika Karamanyan Asmad Gurun Santhatham Anathosmi

ஸ்ரீ சங்கராசார்யம் அதாஸ்ய பத்மபாதம் ச ஹஸ்தாமலகம் ச சிஷ்யம் |

தம் தோடகம் வார்த்திககாரம் அன்யான் அஸ்மத் குரூன் ஸந்ததம் ஆனதோஸ்மி ||

In this Sloka, Sri Shankara's principle disciples are found. The principle disciples found in the sloka are Padmapada, Hastaamalaka, Totaka, Sureshvara. In this Sloka, the name 'Sureshvara' cannot be seen. Sureshvara is referred as 'Vaarthikakara'(வார்த்திககார) in this sloka. Sureshvara got this name as he wrote 'Varthika'(வார்த்திகம்).



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