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Vikata Chakra Vinayakar

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God). Let us go to the main content.

In Kanchipuram, at Kumara Kottam temple in which Lord Muruga is the Moolavar(மூலவர்), there is a shrine(சன்னிதி) for Lord Vinayaka with the name Vikata Chakra Vinayakar(விகட சக்ர விநாயகர்). But who is this Vikata Chakra Vinayakar? Let us go to the story now.

On one Vinayaka Chaturthi, Vinayaka's uncle Lord Vishnu arrived at Kailasa with many presents for Vinayaka. Vinayaka threw away all the presents and snatched away the Sudharshana Chakra from Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu tried to get his Chakra back but couldn't.

Lord Vinayaka put the Chakra in his mouth. He didn't swallow it but kept it in his mouth. Lord Vishnu suddenly thought of an idea. He tied his hands in cross formation and held both the ears and did Thoppukarnam(தோப்புக்கரணம்). Vinayaka started laughing at this sight.

This is the origin of Thoppukarnam(தோப்புக்கரணம்), which is getting popular as Brain Yoga in other countries.

As he didn't swallow the Chakra, the Chakra fell down when he laughed. Thus Lord Vishnu took the Chakra back from Vinayaka. As he played a game with the Sudharshana Chakra, he got a name, Vikata Chakra Vinayakar. Vikata means 'joke'.

In Kumara Kottam, Lord Muruga is with the name 'Brahma Sastha'. As we saw last week, he arrested Brahma because he didn't know the meaning of Pranava(Om). When Shiva asked the meaning like a teacher, Muruga refused to say the meaning. When he asked the meaning like a student, he could get the answer. As he arrested Brahma, he is known as 'Brahma Sastha'.

The younger brother snatched away the things from Brahma(Creator) while the elder brother snatched away the Sudharshana Chakra from Vishnu(Protector). Both of them are present in Kanchipuram Kumara Kottam

All the time the one who is thinking to solve our obstacles and keeps us happy is Lord Vinayaka.



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