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The Uniqueness of India

This Sunday we have an excerpt from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God). Let us go to the excerpt now.

When Ravana wanted to carry Shiva Linga to Lanka, why did Vinayaka stop it? Is it fair? Let us see.

While watering the trees, will we water it's branches, leaves and flowers? No, we water the the root and not the other parts of the tree. Only if we water the root, all the branches, fruits, flowers and leaves will grow. Similarly, this world is a tree and Bharata Desha(பாரத தேசம்) is the root. If we water the leaves, fruits and flowers etc., it may grow, but the growth will be insignificant. Instead, if we water the roots, all the parts of the tree will grow. Similarly, performing rituals in a foreign country may benefit the country by a small amount, but if we perform a ritual in India, the whole world gets benefited.

The Lord has created countries with good climate, crops, gold and many minerals. Some countries are very cold while some countries are very hot. Some countries have been created without land, water and minerals. In order to help the other countries, God has also made rich nations to export things according to the needs of the poor nations. Similarly, he has made India, the supplier of Spirituality like the heart which is the supplier of blood throughout the body.

It is not that rituals should not happen in foreign countries. Even though plants and trees are watered through the root, fertilizers are sprayed in leaves and other parts to avoid insects right? So, worship and rituals should happen in the respective country to avoid the harm of spirituality in the country. Just as the diseases get cured only when blood is supplied to all the parts of the body by the heart, worshipping in India by following the rules and regulations make all the countries safe and prosper.


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