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The Incarnation of Adi Sesha

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God). Let us go to the story right now.

One evening, Lord Vishnu was meditating and enjoying the dance of Lord Shiva. He was very happy on seeing the dance of Lord Shiva. But, Adi Sesha couldn't hold Lord Vishnu.

He asked Lord Vishnu "What happened, Oh Lord! You are becoming so heavy". Lord Vishnu replied "As Shiva is dancing in my heart, I seem to be heavy". Adi Sesha eagerly asked "Oh Lord! I also wish to see the Lord dancing". The Lord was actually waiting for this eagerness from Adi Sesha. He thought of bringing more glory to the divine place, Chidambaram. He wanted Adi Sesha to meet Lord Nataraja.

Lord Vishnu then replied "Do you want to see the Lord dance. Go to South India and there Lord Shiva will be happily dancing in the form of Nataraja. You go there and have the divine Darshan(தர்சனம்).

By saying this, the Lord also had another reason. Banini(பாணினி) composed Vyakarana Sutram(வ்யாகரண ஸுத்ரம்-Sanskrit Grammar) based on the sound emanating from Lord Nataraja's Damaruka(டமருக). It can only be understood by knowledgeable people. He asked Adi Sesha to write commentary(பாஷ்யம்) on this Vyakarana Sutra(வ்யாகரண ஸுத்ரம்) so that it could be understood by common people too.

Adi Sesha then incarnated as the son of Atri Maharishi in the name Patanjali. So, he is also called as Aatreya(ஆத்ரேயர்). Our Guru, the saviour of Sanatana Dharma, Sri Adi Shankacharya also belonged to Aatreya Gotram(ஆத்ரேய கோத்ரம்).

Thus, Vishnu fulfilled Adi Sesha's wish of seeing the Lord's dance. He stayed in Chidambaram and had the Darshan of the Lord all the time and became one of the 2 principle disciples of Lord Nataraja. He also fulfilled the wish of Lord Vishnu which was writing commentary(பாஷ்யம்) on Vyakarana Sutram(வ்யாகரண ஸுத்ரம்). It made Patanjali very popular.


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