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The Greatness of Govinda Bhagavath Padal

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God) about Govinda Bhagavath Padal.

Vyasa gave a big responsibility to Govinda Bhagavath Padal. "Lord Shiva is going to incarnate in this Earth to write a commentary on Brahma Sutra, to spread the philosophy of Advaita, to punish improper religions, etc. To initiate him into Sanyasa Ashrama, a Guru is needed. You, as a Guru, should initiate him into the Ashrama".

"He will be incarnating in the state of Kerala and he will be searching for a Guru to receive Upadesa. The Guru should go in search of the disciple just as the disciple goes in search of the Guru. To make both the Guru and disciple go in search, Shankara will travel half the distance and you will travel remaining half distance. You travel to the banks of river Narmada and wait under the Peepal tree where you received Vyakarana Upadesam. Under the same tree, a cave will be present. You wait there for your disciple to arrive".

Govinda Bhagavath Padal also did the same as advised by Vyasa and immersed in meditation. The story begins with the crocodile catching Shankara's leg. After this, Shankara went in search of Guru. He found him and became a disciple and served his Guru well. It can't be said that Shankara was with his Guru for many years as he came into Sanyasa Ashrama at the age of 8 and by the age of 16, he had went to Kasi(Varanasi), wrote a commentary on Brahma Sutra. After that, the story of Shankara continues...

The purpose of Govinda Bhagavath Paadal's life was fulfilled and he decided to attain salvation. "I have finished the responsibility given by Vyasa. There is nothing for me to attain and thereby I wish to end my life" and he left his body and attained Videha Mukti and joined with the true god.


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