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Lord Muruga's greatness

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God).

Let us go to the story now.

ப்ரம்மாவால் தொழப்பட்டவர், ஈசனுக்கு உபதேசித்தவர்

”நத விதாத்ரே"

Vidatha(விதாதா) means Brahma. Lord Muruga once asked the meaning of the divine word 'Om' to Brahma, the creator of the world. Brahma was blabbering something. Lord Muruga then arrested Brahma as he didn't know the meaning of Om even though he was a creator.

Muruga then started creating himself and even now, in many temples we see Muruga holding Brahma's Kamandalu(கமண்டலம்) and Japamala(ஜபமாலை). The same can be seen in Kanchipuram Kumara Kottam(காஞ்சீபுரம் குமரக் கோட்டம்).

Lord Shiva came in support of Brahma and asked Lord Muruga "What is the correct meaning if Brahma doesn't know the meaning of Om?". Muruga replied "I won't say the meaning if you ask like a teacher. You should ask me like a student". Any great person will be proud of losing to his own child. Similarly Lord Shiva was overjoyed to become a student to his son.

Lord Shiva bent his head down and listened the meaning of Pranava(Om) like a disciple. We can understand from this, even a great person should go to a lower position to earn knowledge.

Lord Shiva then understood the greatness of his son. He was very happy. Brahma pleaded Muruga to forgive him. Lord Muruga released Brahma and gave him his creation duty back. Such was the greatness of Indra's son-in-law, Muruga.



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