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Sakshi Gopal

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God) about Sakshi Gopal who is present in the state of Odisha(formerly called as Orissa).

From Kanchipuram, an old Brahmana along with an young Brahmana went to Kasi(Varnasi) as a pilgrimage. On the way, the old Brahmana fell ill and couldn't walk further. The young one helped the old Brahmana a lot. He made all kinds of help as possible. He carried the old Brahmana and continued the pilgrimage. As they were great devotees of Lord Krishna, they visited Brindavan and Mathura after visiting Kasi.

They reached the temple and became very happy. The Old man coundn't express his joy in words and was very thankful for the Brahmachari who had helped him in all ways he could. The old man was a rich person while the Brahmachari didn't have his parents alive. The old man then said "Oh Young One!, It is only because of you, I could get the Darshan of the Lord, I could bathe in the holy river, Yamuna. As gratitude for you, I wish to give my daughter to you and write every property in your name".

The Brahmachari became very happy. The old man promised him in front of the Lord that at any cost, he won't decieve the Brahmachari. After all the visits, they reached Kanchipuram safely. On seeing his own economical status and the status of the Brahmachari, old brahmana didn't want to keep up the promise he made. The Brahmachari reminded the old man of his promise.

That's it! The Old man acted as of he didn't remember his promise. "Oh! Did I really promise you. Don't be foolish! The people would laugh at this". The Brahmachari didn't want to argue with him anymore. He went to the King of Kanchipuram and registered his complaint. The king also laughed on hearing this as he knew the economical status of the old man. As he was a king, he wanted to be on the path of Dharma, and so, he investigated the old man too.

The old man wanted to escape, and so, he pointed out the caste differences between them, they both belonged to different Brahmin subcastes. The subcaste of the Brahmachari was considered as a lower caste. In those days, caste regulations were given much importance and the King who didn't knew the truth, dismissed the case on the ground of no witness.

The Brahmachari thought that he has the witness of the Lord himself, which no one has. He siad "Lord of Mathura is the witness and I have strong belief that he would appear for me as a witness" The king then asked the Brahmachari to present the Lord of Mathura in the court. The old man laughed on hearing the statement. The old man who had studied many puranas and sastras thought that the Lord won't come for the Brahmachari. However, not so educated Brahmachari, with faith in his mind, went to Mathura which was 1000 miles away. The Brahmachari reached Mathura after so much difficulties.

"Oh Lord! Come and tell the truth". The Lord himself appeared before him and laid a condition. "I would come with you for sure if you don't turn back and doubt if I am coming. If you look back for me, I will stay in that place as an idol". The Brahmachari agreed.

They started walking. Lord and Brahmachari reached the border of Kanchipuram without any hurdles. It was only 1 to 2 miles for the King's court. Suddenly, the Brahmachari felt grateful for the Lord who is an ocean for mercy for coming all way from Mathura to Kanchipuram. He wanted to see the face of the Lord and he couldn't wait any more. He looked back and the lord stood still at the same place

The Brahmachari didn't get dissapointed. He thought, as the Lord stood as an idol, the common people would understood the truth and the Lord has walked 1000 miles, can't the king walk for 2 miles to see the lord?

It happened as he thought. The Lord also told the truth. The old man also thought that it would be a great blessing if a person who has seen the Lord would be his son-in-law and accepted him happily.

We all know that Sakshi Gopal is now present in Orissa. So how come the idol in the border of Kanchipuram ended up in Orissa. Lets see this further.

At that time, Puri was ruled by the King Purushothaman. He was to marry Padmavathi, daughter of King of Kanchipuram. The main reason for the King of Puri to accept the daughter of King of kanchipuram was to have the Darshan of Sakshi Gopal. The marriage happened grandly and the newly married couple had the Darshan of Sakshi Gopal at Kanchipuram. He devoloped more love towards the Lord and wanted to take the lord with himself. So, he urged the king of Kanchipuram to give him the idol. Can any father-in-law refuse the desire of his son-in law? He happily gave him the idol. The newly married couple and the idol reached the kingdom of Puri. As they didn't want Sakshi Gopal to be a competitor of Lord Jagannath, they consecrated him in a different place and built a temple for him. That's how Sakshi Gopal landed in Orrissa.🙏🙏



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