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Sacrifice of the Doves

This Sunday we have a story from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God) about the sacrifice of two doves.

All of us know the story of Shibi Chakravarthy. He was ready to give his own life for the life of a bird. In our religion, the importance given for mercy to all lives(ஜீவகாருண்யம்) can be seen in the story of Shibi Chakravarthy. Our country, the Veda Bhoomi, not only gives importance to humans but also to small insects and birds. On the other hand, due to the speciality of this land, other living beings also have the thought of sacrifice and this can be seen in many Puranas. Kapoda Upakyanam(கபோத உபாக்யானம்), says the story of sacrifice of doves. Kapodam(கபோதம்) means 'dove' and 'Upakyanam' (உபாக்யானம்) means 'short story'. This makes our heart melt. Let us now see the story.

There was a hunter in a village. He caught a female dove. At that time, it was severly raining with thunder and lightning. The hunter took shelter under the tree where the female dove and its partner were living. After the rain stopped, it became very dark and cold, so the hunter couldn't return to his place. The male dove, sitting on the tree felt bad on seeing the suffering of the hunter. Though he was the one who had caught its partner, it wanted to help him. Since he has come to its home (tree), it wanted to treat him as a guest and decided to help him from the cold.

So, the dove threw sticks from its nest for lighting fire. It thought "Even though my home is gone, I should help him". The hunter collected the sticks and lighted fire for warmth. The hunter was very thankful for the help done by male dove and freed the female dove. The freed female dove thought "If I don't give food for the guest, it will become a sin". It didn't go in search for the food but offered itself fell into to the fire to become the food for the hunter. On seeing this, the male dove also did the same.

Thiruvalluvar said "Enbum Uriyar Pirarukku"( என்பும் உரியர் பிறர்க்கு), meaning Even our bones are for others benefit. Act of doves serves as a best example for this.



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