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Divine words from Divine children

This Sunday we have an excerpt from Deivathin Kural(Voice of God). Let us go for it right now.

Lord Shiva has many names like Nataraja, Rudra and so on. Lord Vishnu has many names like Krishna, Narayana, Srinivasa and so on. But while concluding the activities in a Satsang(ஸத்ஸங்கம்), when one says Namah Parvati Pathaye(நம: பார்வதீ பதயே), the others say Hara Hara Mahadeva. Similarly, when one says Gopika Jeevana Smaranam(கோபிகா ஜீவன ஸ்மரணம்), the others say Govinda Govinda. Also, when one says Sarvatra Govinda Nama Sankeertanam(ஸர்வத்ர கோவிந்த நாம சங்கீர்த்தனம்), the others say Govinda Govinda.

But why do they say Hara Hara Mahadeva. Why do they say Govinda Govinda? What is the speciality in the names Hara and Govinda. The names Hara and Govinda came from the mouth of 2 divine little children.

The 1st child was Thirugnana Sambandar. As he drank the milk of Goddess Parvati, he is considered to be Lord Muruga. In Madurai, many Jain scholars came to argue with him. They had 2 debates to decide the winner. In the 1st one, participants should write their philosophy in a Manuscript(ஒலைச்சுவடி) and leave that to flow in the river. The manuscript which flows in the opposite direction of the river is considered to be the winner and their philosophy should be accepted. In the 2nd debate, participants should write their philosophy in a manuscript and leave it in fire. The manuscript which doesn't burn is considered to be the winner. In both the debates, Thirugnana Sambandar won. What did he write in it?

வாழ்க அந்தணர் வானவர் ஆனினம்

வீழ்க தண்புனல் வேந்தனும் ஓங்குக

ஆழ்க தீயதெல்லாம் அரன் நாமமே

சூழ்க வையகமும் துயர் தீர்கவே!

Vazhga Andanar Vaanavar Aaninam

Veezhga Thanpunal Vendanum Onguga

Aazhga Theeyathellam Aran Namame

Suzhga Vaiyakamum Thuyar Thirkave!

In this, he says Haran Namame Suzhga(ரன் நாமமே சூழ்க) for the betterment of people in this world. Haran becomes Aran(அரன்) in Tamil. If people say Hara Hara, it is because of this divine child who wanted the name Hara to be spread.

Who is the divine child for the name Govinda? It is none other than our guru, Sri Adi Shankaracharya. When he was in Kasi(also called as Varanasi), he saw a scholar who was mugging up the Sanskrit grammar. He said "Is this grammar going to help you during the time of death?. Only the name Govinda is going to help you". From the divine mouth of Sri Adi Shankaracharya came divine words and that is what we call "Bhaja Govindam".

பஜ கோவின்தம் பஜ கோவின்தம்

கோவின்தம் பஜ மூடமதே

ஸம்ப்ராப்தே ஸன்னிஹிதே காலே

னஹி னஹி ரக்ஷதி டுக்ரிங்கரணே

Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam

Govindam Bhaja Moodamathe

Samprapthe Sannihite Kaale

Nahi Nahi Rakshathi Dukrinkarane

As per the order of Sri Shankaracharya, we are all chanting the name Govinda.



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